1. New website launched on October 05, 2012
  2. Work in progress: 2' headstone and base carved from Quebec soapstone. View image...
  3. Natural gas heat going into the shop. Just in time for another Prairie winter!!
  4. On the masonry side: I am working with the guys at Kent Masonry on an unsplit fieldstone fireplace chase. View image...


I guess I've always been an artist and even as a kid I was breaking rocks open to see what was inside. With my history in fine art and graphic design and my unfulfilled dream of being an architect, about 12 years ago I switched medium from paper to rock when I joined one of the oldest trades in the world and took classes in architectural stone carving. Since then I have been helping people tell their story in stone, the same way mankind has been doing for centuries!

My goal is to work with you to create the perfect piece to suit your needs! One of the most rewarding things about what I do is help people tell their personal story in a personal way, avoiding the cookie cutter commercialism of today's world. Everything about what I do is custom from the design to size to the type of stone that suits your needs. Architectural pieces such as a bench or fireplace surround or telling a loved ones story with a memorial stone or your own personal whimsy in a garden stone… imagine the possibilities! Beautifully carved stone emits strength and character! I hand carve with mallets and chisels and carve slate, soapstone, limestone and sandstone.

After working as an old school stone mason much of the last few years, I have learned an immense amount about the industry. I have built and fixed many masonry fireplaces and been in the field splitting fieldstone for amazing stone installation jobs including a wonderful outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven. I'm very lucky to have these combined stone trades in my experience and want to be able to share these time honoured skills in the telling of your story.

Call me or email me with your idea and I will see it carved in stone…

Karen Humble